After over 23 years in direct sales
I can say that I have learned a few things, some in a very hard way. Danny and I were loyal to one company for over 22 years without ever looking to the right or the left. We were taught some things that were based on one person’s opinions and past experiences that allowed his strong feelings to skew the truth. I won’t go into all the lessons we learned right now, but I wanted to share one that I am so happy we broke out of it.
As we were growing our business we were taught that we should be “un-recruitable”. This was a term that was shared with the understanding we would never look at any other company. Why would we look at anything else if we were so confident in what we had? Well, there are a lot of reasons to look at other companies and I wish I would have know that much sooner. Next, we were taught to never sign up in another company because they would use our name as leverage to gain influence with people that knew us, or leverage our story related to our current success. This is one thing that that really doesn’t make sense if we love and believe in the industry that we shared so proudly.
We were also told that our products were superior and that no one in the industry had products like ours. Therefore, we believed that most companies cut corners because we were taught that. If we did find out about a product of interest, I would secretly purchase the company’s products or have my mom or assistant sign up to gain a deeper discount for the purpose of not giving anyone “the wrong idea”. It felt as if I was cheating on my company when I became a member of another company for the benefits of using their products that I wanted because we didn’t have them in our own product line. With that being said, I can honestly say now that all that was very wrong thinking.
After the company that we were with for 22 years modified its compensation plan in such a way that reduced our earnings over 95%, we started to question other ways that we had been misled in a company that did not stay true to its words. I love direct sales and I also believe that it has some of the very best products on the market. I always said from stage that if anything ever happened to our company, I would look for another direct sales company that lined up with my beliefs to represent. Most direct sales companies focus on cutting edge, sole propriety and excellence that makes their products superior in the marketplace and super attractive. I also love the perks for those that share gaining extra income and product credit achieved for families needing and wanting it. It’s a beautiful message and I have always loved sharing the hope of direct sales. My husband Danny and I were willing to fight the Federal Trade Commission to stand up for ourselves and our industry to set a precedence that our business and leadership could not just be attacked because of people’s success. After we won, it was no surprise that upon winning a battle against the FTC, the right door of opportunity opened for us to fall in love with another company’s vision. Its been a blast to share and lead again, we know it will be worth the effort in starting over, but what I have also loved is the freedoms I now have in my own heart and mind to love and appreciate other companies too. The company that we felt compelled to join wasn’t fancy and flashy, it wasn’t all perfect or in order…it was new and raw. There were lots of things to put in place and pull together for a team to feel “turn key” ready, but what it did have was incredible products! Products that I wish I would have known about years earlier. Products that I can’t imagine life without! They are products you feel nobody else has and everyone needs to know about! But for some, there is still the lingering stigma of “I can’t use what you have because I’m in another company”. Well, Im sorry if you feel that way, if you were taught that or if I even taught you that! If that mindset is being pushed upon you, I’m here to encourage you that there is freedom of choice. I am watching social media full of dear friends from our past company being celebrated in their new companies and I am so blessed by their success and happiness. I am also loving many of their products! I have looked at their plan and decided if it was best to join or become a preferred costumer to gain the best benefits and am happy to share them with others if anyone asks about them. Now please understand, I am building one army in one direct sales company but I am supporting the beauty of direct sales in its entirety. It’s important for you to decide what you’re building and what you’re supporting to have a clear message with your followers. I didn’t like feeling like other companies were our competition when in fact they were our allies. I believe God has us all in our perfect lanes as we seek His will in our lives and I trust Him in who He assigns to run in our chosen vision.
I look back now and think how things could have been different with loved ones if I would have known about the products I have now. I believe they would have probably contributed to a different result if I had known to share. There are so many great reasons to support and celebrate direct sales in its entirety. The industry has great people, great products, great opportunity, great community and great personal growth benefits to celebrate as a whole.  I truly pray that the freedom of support comes over this entire industry. We have enough battles with the ignorant opinions of trolls who know little about our profession. We certainly don’t need to contribute to or edify the negative things they think by having our own weird code of ethics or cultish ways against each other in our industry. The industry creates millions of small businesses for families around the globe. This is to be celebrated!
Direct Sales truly is the greatest opportunity I have ever seen and it has given my family freedoms we would have never had without our decision to seize the opportunity and make something happen better for our lives.  Especially in todays times, let’s all look how we can support a small business and look for ways to support others around you in the direct sales industry. I believe it is the greatest opportunity for average people to find great success. Although we only work one business, we are discount members of at least 7 other direct sales companies along with having many other direct sales products in our home. After all, we believe that direct selling companies manufacturer and distribute superior products in the market place. Keep in mind, that, as great as your products might be, there are some other great products that you may be missing for yourself or for a loved one. Become a proud ambassador of the entire industry. That doesn’t mean that you have to purchase everyone’s products, or sign up to be a member of every one of your friend’s businesses. It just means that you should have an open mind and an open heart to take advantage of any beneficial product to your life, along with celebrating the small business successes of your friends and family.
-Diane McDaniel
(*These are just a few of some of the products we use daily or have tried.)
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