We only get one life, and life passes much quicker than we imagine!  It is too short to miss out on capitalizing from the power of words.  So many times, people have been raised in homes full of negativity, cynicism, skepticism, and the like.  This is why we have heard people say things like “we become products of our environment.”  The old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is a blatant lie.  The fact is: words carry the power of death and life.  Whichever we learn to love, we will eat the fruit of those words.   In other words, every seed produces after its kind; a watermelon seed will produce a watermelon and an okra seed will produce okra.  Every positive word we choose to eat will produce after its kind.

There is power in words.  Real power.  If you have not lived your life around people who have sown life producing words into you, you have the unique opportunity to change that, and that change will change the very course of your life.  I once heard that whatever seed you sow, you will reap a harvest of that seed.

If you want a better marriage, then you need to read books about how to have a successful relationship, listen to audio teachings on marriage & family, watch teachings on the same, and began to get around people who have the type of relationship you hope to have.  Listen to the people who have the success you are looking for, and allow them to sow those seeds of wisdom into your mind and heart.  If you need more joy in your life, then read books about joy & happiness, listen to teachings on joy, and watch teachings on how to obtain joy.  Hang around people with joy and learn from them.  Allow these seeds to sink into your mind and heart; thus, allowing yourself to begin to produce a harvest of joy in your life.

Secondly, recognize you carry the power of words with you each day.  What a difference you can make in the life of one person by the words of encouragement you speak into them.  When you begin to compliment others, give other people praises, and encourage others with positive words, you will contribute to reaping a harvest of the same thing happening to yourself.  Whatever a man or woman sows, which is your words, he or she will reap, which is your harvest.  Consequently, if you think negative thoughts and go throughout your days withholding from speaking powerful words of life to others, you withhold the very harvest of peace, joy, and happiness from your own life.  Deep down, every human being yearns for peace, joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

Recognizing the power of words is only the first step to getting a new harvest.  Choosing to change your thinking is the second step.  And the third is choosing to take action and verbally practice the power of words with people around you, even strangers!  The more seeds you sow, the greater the harvest you will reap.  This is a universal principle that has stood the test of time.

You are in charge of your destiny.  Only you can choose to change your thinking.  Only you can change which words you need to change to reap a new harvest, or even greater harvest.  So, what are you waiting for?  Speak life!  Harness the power of your words and watch what begins to happen all around you!

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